June 26, 2014

Summerfest '14

Summerfest is back.
If you weren't around for Summerfest '13, you should check their flickr group first. The theme of this event is "Summer at the beach", sponsored by floorplan, Pilot, and fri.day. Genuinely the event had all kind of stuff you need for having fun on the virtual beaches. This year they have 61 stores, each store has at least 2 exclusive items.

Also the sim is very photogenic, same as the last year the scenery makes me to consider about having my own private beach. The event is open til July 13.

Check their flickr group for '14 and see what kind of stuff you'll be able to find.
This is the official map to locate each store.

Vist Summerfest '14 !

So here are my stuff for this event.
I have the drink cart rezzed in front of the shack, feel free to grab one and get sugar high.

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see on flickr

June 20, 2014

Level Up!

Level Up! is a brand new video-game themed event, and this 1st round is all about racing.
I actually haven't played much of video games (but I loooove zombie shooting games), but assume that it's a very interesting/inspiring theme for many creators. Hope you'll check out the event.

Since I had a prob at looking for an idea in video games, I created something more familiar to me and playable games. "Good Ol' Derby" and "The Schwinn Classic".

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Please feel free to play demo at BALACLAVA!! Demo Area.
Level Up! current round is open till July 5.

June 3, 2014


Arcade June 2014 round opened its door.
For this round, I've got these drivable construction vehicles for when we do building, demolishing, or terraforming.

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Vehicles have unique functions for each, like Bulldozer can move the head blade up/down, AWP (Aerial Working Platform) Truck actually lifts the platform up for you to give someone a lift, my favorite Pile Driver just… drives a pile.
Each vehicle comes with one of those construction site props, and an original HUD which allows you to change gear (drive, 2nd, neutral, park). Owner lock system is also bundled with the HUD.

see on flickr

L$75 per spin, all commons. They are no mod, trans only (I'll gladly exchange your vehicles with copiable set, so feel free to IM me.)
Please check the official Arcade shopping guide here, the slurl for direct TP is very useful to locate each machines.
Have fun, and happy gachaing!