December 21, 2014

Fuji Kerosene Heaters & Circle Rugs

(on flickr)

Fuji Kerosene Heaters
Mod-Copy, 3LI. Heaters can be on/off (emits point light), and also the menu has kettle on/off option.
While the heater is on, kettle emits particle steam.
Color choices are Orange, Blue, Forest and Champagne.

(on flickr)

Fuji Circle Rugs
Mod-Copy, 1LI.
Color choices are Brown, Green, Charcoal and Navy.

Both items are now available on SOU - Creation jp (opens till 15th Jan 2015) at 25% OFF price.
Store lineups and more info is on HERE!

December 12, 2014

Horrorfestive 2014

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 Horrorfest is back! ... as Horrorfestive 2014!!
I'm always happy to be part of this event, not only because it gives me a good excuse for making something odd, gross or creepy to satisfy the psychotic part of me but because it's always happened for a good cause. Every time I give a huge YES on their choices of charity, and again it made me happy when they announced that this year they will donate proceeds for supporting Munchflower Zaius from Nomine, who is suffering from Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.
Personally I never had a chance to get to know her, yet it's really nice that I can show some love to fellow designers who have been making this world unique and fun, making other SLers happy. Especially in this season of full of joy, I would love to be someone's secret Santa, though now I look like the picture above. ha x

Please check her gofundme page.
More info about Horrorfestive 2014 is here.

So here are my releases for Horrofestive 2014.

(on flickr)
100% of proceed from the sales of these Wimpy, Smiley & Merry single packs will be donated to Horrorfestive 2014 for supporting Munchflower Zaius. Each pack contains 2 masks bald and with hair (so you can wear the bald mask with your own favorite hair to make a fabulous look), tattoo and alpha layer for wearing with the mask. Also I packed a bloody weapon prop, hope you'll use them wisely, e.g. to chase people to Horrorfestive venue. Machete is my all-time fav.

There are many stalls and gachas in Horrorfestive 2014, also the real hunt called "Bleak Mid Winter Hunt" will be held.
Here's your taxi. Have fun, get creepy, and spread the word!

December 1, 2014

Ho Ho Holiday Band Collection

Holiday round of Arcade is now opened!
As you might or might not have noticed, this is my first ever December Arcade, so I'm super excited.

(better image on flickr)
- This collection has 17 figurines in total, no rares. L$50/spin.
- Each one (except Band Leader) plays their own musical instrument as Solo (single) or as a member of Quartet.
- If you collect more than 2 figurines from the same Quartet, you can let them play together in sync.
- Also if you won the Band Leader, you can let them all figurines to play as one big band.

(on flickr)
There are more options like "sleep mode", "figurine base on/off" etc, so please read the instruction notecard at least once.
As always, this collection will be retired after December 2014.

For decorating this collection, I made this sleigh-shaped figurine rack which is shown in the image above. I've already sent it to Subscriber Group as a gift. If you missed it, please visit BALACLAVA!! main store and get it from the redelivery panel on the subscriber board.

Here's Arcade Official Shopping Guide. It's VERY useful to make your wish list, and to locate each gacha machine.
Arcade SLURL is here, or you can shop from Gacha Galley!

If you succeeded to TP in the venue, don't forget to grab all gifts that are placed under the big tree.
This round of Arcade is holding "Season Of Giving", many stores are donating free gifts for you. Note that they are available only at this round of Arcade, so you got to visit the venue.

Here's my gift for Season Of Giving. I don't remember which box was mine (because there are lots of gift boxes!) so you have to look for it.

(on flickr)
This tip jar flicks the color of gum balls, plays a happy sound when someone tipped on you. Body color is changeable, and you can have almost full-control on floating texts.
Mini ornaments also flick the color on gum balls inside, come with an ornament hanger.

Hope you all have fun and happy gacha-ing. x

September 10, 2014

Flinders Chairs

see on flickr

Now in store!
3PE, 9 animations are bundled. COPY-MOD.

July 27, 2014

Ready to Rumpus

Animal and wild themed Wild Things Summer Gacha Event has just been opened.
My store doesn't really in this event but I'm offering this FREE gift.

see on flickr

This clock indicates SLT (PDT/PST), tick tack sound can be ON/OFF by a click.
As it's copy-mod, you can resize it manually. As the default size it's 3LI.
It Will never be in my store or anywhere else after the event, so you have to be there in the right time (closes on the 10th August).

It wasn't even a commission work, I just did for fun and share it with others.
So if you liked it, please leave a comment here for sharing your story about "favorite books in childhood".

Wild Things Summer Gacha Event
- TP
- Map
- Gacha Keys

June 26, 2014

Summerfest '14

Summerfest is back.
If you weren't around for Summerfest '13, you should check their flickr group first. The theme of this event is "Summer at the beach", sponsored by floorplan, Pilot, and Genuinely the event had all kind of stuff you need for having fun on the virtual beaches. This year they have 61 stores, each store has at least 2 exclusive items.

Also the sim is very photogenic, same as the last year the scenery makes me to consider about having my own private beach. The event is open til July 13.

Check their flickr group for '14 and see what kind of stuff you'll be able to find.
This is the official map to locate each store.

Vist Summerfest '14 !

So here are my stuff for this event.
I have the drink cart rezzed in front of the shack, feel free to grab one and get sugar high.

see on flickr

see on flickr

see on flickr

June 20, 2014

Level Up!

Level Up! is a brand new video-game themed event, and this 1st round is all about racing.
I actually haven't played much of video games (but I loooove zombie shooting games), but assume that it's a very interesting/inspiring theme for many creators. Hope you'll check out the event.

Since I had a prob at looking for an idea in video games, I created something more familiar to me and playable games. "Good Ol' Derby" and "The Schwinn Classic".

see on flickr

see on flickr

Please feel free to play demo at BALACLAVA!! Demo Area.
Level Up! current round is open till July 5.

June 3, 2014


Arcade June 2014 round opened its door.
For this round, I've got these drivable construction vehicles for when we do building, demolishing, or terraforming.

see on flickr

Vehicles have unique functions for each, like Bulldozer can move the head blade up/down, AWP (Aerial Working Platform) Truck actually lifts the platform up for you to give someone a lift, my favorite Pile Driver just… drives a pile.
Each vehicle comes with one of those construction site props, and an original HUD which allows you to change gear (drive, 2nd, neutral, park). Owner lock system is also bundled with the HUD.

see on flickr

L$75 per spin, all commons. They are no mod, trans only (I'll gladly exchange your vehicles with copiable set, so feel free to IM me.)
Please check the official Arcade shopping guide here, the slurl for direct TP is very useful to locate each machines.
Have fun, and happy gachaing!

March 22, 2014

Wonder Lilah - Flying Corps Gear

Maybe it's time for us to remember that we can fly in SL.
I have just released these mechanical wings and beam guns.

(see on flickr)

Each pack contains a HUD, a Jet Pack and a Beam Gun.
Jet Pack opens its wings automatically when you fly up/down, and with the HUD, you can boost your flight speed in 4 levels. Beam Gun shoots hypnotic beams with annoying sound, and contains 3 action poses for you to have fun at photo shooting.

(see on flickr)

All of them are copy/mod (except the scripts, sound and animation files), so that you can modify them to fit on your avi.
Available colors are Brown, Khaki, Navy and Black.

They are now in store, visit BALACLAVA!!


March 2, 2014

Busking On

(see on flickr)

Arcade March 2014 round has just opened its door.
For this round, I did musical instruments for street musicians. The collection is called Busking On, playable 10 instruments with no rares.

The collection includes some wearable instruments, and bigger ones to be rezzed out. Each of them has unique sound, different score and animations. Can be played as a solo, but also they have "jam session" mode for playing with your friends.

(see on flickr)

If you've got all 10 instruments and 9 band mates, you'll be able to play this full track.

Arcade March 2014 round is to be held from 1st to 31st of March.
Don't forget to check the official shopping guide to see the lineups, it also helps you to get the direct SLURL of each gacha machine.

To subscribers, I've just sent out the 11th instrument : Kazoo, which actually plays one of the very important part in the music piece. It's a very small instrument, sounds like a wacky version of Vuvuzala, but still really nice to have in a jug band or in the Busking On full band.

If you missed to catch it, please visit my store and slap the "previous gift" panel on the subscriber board. It also gives you the official Arcade pre-loader HUD.

Happy Gacha-ing!