October 22, 2013

Horrorfest / Tricky Treats Gacha


I'm currently in 2 of those events, Horrorfest 2013 and Tricky Treat Gacha Village. Both are good to go for searching halloween related items, but the Horrorfest is more darker, creepy and scary, Tricky Treats is family & kids friendly type of event.

Horrorfest 2013 has got lots of participants, features exclusive items, gacha, hunt and more. It's organized by the team of the Zombiefest which I was in 3 or 4 years ago. I'm really glad to be part of their event again and to have a good cause for being creepy. Proceeds from each stores and this event go to The Epilepsy Therapy Project.

I've got 3 fancy heads for this event.
But since they are bit bloody scary, I just put a censored one here. Please look in large size or non-censored pic on my flickr.

from Left to Right :

- Bloody Candy Bucket (Filled)
Dispenses 4 type of lollipops randomly. Wearable and Rezzable versions.

- Bloody Candy Bucket (Empty)
Wearable and Rezzable versions are included.

- Chopped Head Lantern
Light on/off by a click. Wearable and Rezzable versions are included.

100% of all proceeds from the sales of these items will be donated.
The Horrorfest venue is in broad space, you'll be landed near the gacha graveyard. My vendors are in the build in the depth of forest, please follow the red navigation beacon.

TAXI to Horrorfest 2013

Meanwhile in Tricky Treats Gacha Village… well, let's forget about those bloody heads and new slasher in town. It's all about something cute and small.

Honestly I'm not really into SL family and Kids scene, even though I have created bunch of toys before. It's kinda new experience for me!

The sim was nicely decorated, and the idea of the door shaped gacha machine is just brilliant. I'm sure you'll love to knock on their doors.

Here's my gacha item, headbands which lets you to dance randomly.

in bigger size on flickr
It's easy to play, just wear or add it on your head, then give a click to switch it on, and say "party" in local chat.
There are 4 types of music ; Caribbean, Pop Rock, Retro Techno and Disco, each type has different dance moves.

Also if you and your friends got same type of headbands (e.g. you got Pop Rock Red and your friends got Pop Rock Gold, Black and White) then, 4 of you can dance together.
So please share them with your friends, have fun!

TAXI to Tricky Treats Gacha Village

And for Subscribers, I have sent a special party headband to you!

It has original dance and music but works same as those gacha headbands. If you missed to catch the gift, visit main store and click on the previous gift panel on the subscriber board.
** Balaclava!! Subscriber group was renewed. Previous group members need to re-join in the new group if you'd like to keep getting informed.

October 1, 2013

New Main Store!!

I moved my main store on new sim, and it's reopened today!
Please drop by and wander around, though I have much left to work on.

BALACLAVA!! New Main Store