September 17, 2013

Designers United 5

Designers United opened its door yesterday, it's going to be held 15th Sept to the 4th of Oct. It's been 3 years since the last round, and I'm super happy to be part of this event once again.
Hope you all enjoy as mu as I'll do.

So here's my releases for DUV.
**note that all items are exclusives, they will be retired after this event.

see on flickr

Monochrome Equilibrium.
2 Headphones on Head and Neck are included.
Color changes on Hands, Earcups, Headband (black/white) and the cord (gold/silver).
Mod, Copy.

Colored Equilibrium.
2 Headphones on Head and Neck are included.
Color changes on Hands to Blue, Pink and Green.
Mod, Copy.

see on flickr

Wall lamp decor, with Books.
Color changes on the Books (blue-greenish or purple-pinkish), light on/off by clicking.
2LI. Mod, Copy.

Here's your taxi!!
Designers United 5

September 3, 2013

Gacha Time!

Time flies, The Arcade turned 1 year old. Happy Birthday Archie and the team!

I'm really happy to be part of this event, thank to the team for inspiring me with their enthusiasm. And I thank to fellow designers too for setting the bar fairy high on each round. They made me a big fan of this event, and that's why I can put more work on new collection.

Also I appreciate you all for making my Arcade seasons colorful and exciting. I think barter trading (and yard-sales. I know it's not what the official encourage us to do though) is the best spin-off happened in few years. While the Arcade completely refreshed the image of trading between shoppers, you guys invented the way to share wish lists, set up each unique yard-sales. I'm quite amazed by that.

Well I know you've been already trying to get in the sim though. Let's have fun on happy gacha-ing!

Taxi to Arcade, and Official Gacha Galley!

Oh and yes, here's my collection for this round.

(see larger image on flickr)

(see larger image on flickr)

Little Red Toys
Collection of toys and furniture to open a mini toy shop.
15 to win, includes 1 rare. L$50/spin.
Direct TP to BALACLAVA!! Gacha Machine

All items are transferable, will be retired after this round of Arcade.
Demo building, furniture are rezzed in store. Feel free to drop by.

And to groupies, I've sent new gift through subscriber.
As usual, I created this as one of the collection. If you missed the cat, tp to mainstore then click on the subscriber board. The previous gifts are under "history" menu.