June 16, 2013

Summerfest '13!!

This is gonna be another one of my favorite events. It's a thrill to be part of such big fun. I'm sure you all love the pretty beach, colorful shacks and cabanas, the wicked designer lineups and their new summery items.

I've got 3 new releases for this event - playable ukuleles, plumeria flower decor and swim rafts.

My Little Ukulele
Play with your friend!
3 original tunes and animations to play, as solo or duo.
Including a non-scripted, 2 LI wall decor ukulele. 7 colors to choose from.

Mesh flowers for decorating your house, or to place on water surface.
Package contains 1-7 flower objects, 1LI ea.
Both of scripted/non-scripted types, leaves are included too.
3 color choices.

Swim Raft
3 seats, 6 animations + diving ball rezzer. Owner can use the float mode.
5LI + 1LI for a diving ball. It rezzes only one of 3 diving balls at at time,
unused ball will be deleted automatically.
4 colors to choose from, white, yellow, pink dots and aqua dots.
You can hop on the demo in Summerfest venue.

TP from here!

June 1, 2013

Arcade is now open!

Here comes another gacha spree, it's Arcade time!
BALACLAVA!! released these mythical, magic treasures for this round.

The most of items are for playing prank on your friends, and the rest are for acting weird and odd. All are in Mesh, scripted.
Lineups are…

click on the image to see in large size.

to check on what are they exactly, see in these set of images.

All items are now rezzed in front of my store, feel free to stop by.
And hey groupies, I just sent out new subscriber gift. In case you missed, please visit my store and slap on the group inviter, then check in the gift history.

Happy gacha-ing! and have a great weekend.

The Arcade website
The Arcade official shopping guide

The Arcade TP