December 12, 2013

Stargazer Telescope

Have you guys already checked The Men's Dept December round?
I've got these classic style telescopes. Hope you like them!

Taxi to Mens Dept

October 22, 2013

Horrorfest / Tricky Treats Gacha


I'm currently in 2 of those events, Horrorfest 2013 and Tricky Treat Gacha Village. Both are good to go for searching halloween related items, but the Horrorfest is more darker, creepy and scary, Tricky Treats is family & kids friendly type of event.

Horrorfest 2013 has got lots of participants, features exclusive items, gacha, hunt and more. It's organized by the team of the Zombiefest which I was in 3 or 4 years ago. I'm really glad to be part of their event again and to have a good cause for being creepy. Proceeds from each stores and this event go to The Epilepsy Therapy Project.

I've got 3 fancy heads for this event.
But since they are bit bloody scary, I just put a censored one here. Please look in large size or non-censored pic on my flickr.

from Left to Right :

- Bloody Candy Bucket (Filled)
Dispenses 4 type of lollipops randomly. Wearable and Rezzable versions.

- Bloody Candy Bucket (Empty)
Wearable and Rezzable versions are included.

- Chopped Head Lantern
Light on/off by a click. Wearable and Rezzable versions are included.

100% of all proceeds from the sales of these items will be donated.
The Horrorfest venue is in broad space, you'll be landed near the gacha graveyard. My vendors are in the build in the depth of forest, please follow the red navigation beacon.

TAXI to Horrorfest 2013

Meanwhile in Tricky Treats Gacha Village… well, let's forget about those bloody heads and new slasher in town. It's all about something cute and small.

Honestly I'm not really into SL family and Kids scene, even though I have created bunch of toys before. It's kinda new experience for me!

The sim was nicely decorated, and the idea of the door shaped gacha machine is just brilliant. I'm sure you'll love to knock on their doors.

Here's my gacha item, headbands which lets you to dance randomly.

in bigger size on flickr
It's easy to play, just wear or add it on your head, then give a click to switch it on, and say "party" in local chat.
There are 4 types of music ; Caribbean, Pop Rock, Retro Techno and Disco, each type has different dance moves.

Also if you and your friends got same type of headbands (e.g. you got Pop Rock Red and your friends got Pop Rock Gold, Black and White) then, 4 of you can dance together.
So please share them with your friends, have fun!

TAXI to Tricky Treats Gacha Village

And for Subscribers, I have sent a special party headband to you!

It has original dance and music but works same as those gacha headbands. If you missed to catch the gift, visit main store and click on the previous gift panel on the subscriber board.
** Balaclava!! Subscriber group was renewed. Previous group members need to re-join in the new group if you'd like to keep getting informed.

October 1, 2013

New Main Store!!

I moved my main store on new sim, and it's reopened today!
Please drop by and wander around, though I have much left to work on.

BALACLAVA!! New Main Store


September 17, 2013

Designers United 5

Designers United opened its door yesterday, it's going to be held 15th Sept to the 4th of Oct. It's been 3 years since the last round, and I'm super happy to be part of this event once again.
Hope you all enjoy as mu as I'll do.

So here's my releases for DUV.
**note that all items are exclusives, they will be retired after this event.

see on flickr

Monochrome Equilibrium.
2 Headphones on Head and Neck are included.
Color changes on Hands, Earcups, Headband (black/white) and the cord (gold/silver).
Mod, Copy.

Colored Equilibrium.
2 Headphones on Head and Neck are included.
Color changes on Hands to Blue, Pink and Green.
Mod, Copy.

see on flickr

Wall lamp decor, with Books.
Color changes on the Books (blue-greenish or purple-pinkish), light on/off by clicking.
2LI. Mod, Copy.

Here's your taxi!!
Designers United 5

September 3, 2013

Gacha Time!

Time flies, The Arcade turned 1 year old. Happy Birthday Archie and the team!

I'm really happy to be part of this event, thank to the team for inspiring me with their enthusiasm. And I thank to fellow designers too for setting the bar fairy high on each round. They made me a big fan of this event, and that's why I can put more work on new collection.

Also I appreciate you all for making my Arcade seasons colorful and exciting. I think barter trading (and yard-sales. I know it's not what the official encourage us to do though) is the best spin-off happened in few years. While the Arcade completely refreshed the image of trading between shoppers, you guys invented the way to share wish lists, set up each unique yard-sales. I'm quite amazed by that.

Well I know you've been already trying to get in the sim though. Let's have fun on happy gacha-ing!

Taxi to Arcade, and Official Gacha Galley!

Oh and yes, here's my collection for this round.

(see larger image on flickr)

(see larger image on flickr)

Little Red Toys
Collection of toys and furniture to open a mini toy shop.
15 to win, includes 1 rare. L$50/spin.
Direct TP to BALACLAVA!! Gacha Machine

All items are transferable, will be retired after this round of Arcade.
Demo building, furniture are rezzed in store. Feel free to drop by.

And to groupies, I've sent new gift through subscriber.
As usual, I created this as one of the collection. If you missed the cat, tp to mainstore then click on the subscriber board. The previous gifts are under "history" menu.

August 10, 2013

Gatsby Mansion Shelf

Happy birthday Collabor 88 and the team!
It's a great pleasure for me to be part of this birthday round with over 70 awesome designers.

The mood board for this round is "Razzle Dazzle", and I got an inspiration from "The Great Gatsby". I don't really know what the "French City Hall" is like but anyway, attached a tower at one side.

see in large (on flickr)
This decor shelf contains 9 miniature bottles, 3 shot glasses, and a white ceramic container, also cigars and cigar cutter in the roof (scripted, touch to open/close).
2 color choices, Platinum Wood and Golden Wood.

All labels for these miniature bottles are originally drawn by me, so there are no such brands in RL (but you may guess where I've got these names from for killing time).

Now on Collabor88 Birthday Round.

By the way, my very first miniature bottle was Maker's Mark. I had it on an airplane (American Airlines to LA) to calm myself down or to get some sleep. It was a business trip I couldn't pass, and on the first air travel experience, it was verified that I have a fear of flight.
Maker's Mark tastes bitter to me still.

June 16, 2013

Summerfest '13!!

This is gonna be another one of my favorite events. It's a thrill to be part of such big fun. I'm sure you all love the pretty beach, colorful shacks and cabanas, the wicked designer lineups and their new summery items.

I've got 3 new releases for this event - playable ukuleles, plumeria flower decor and swim rafts.

My Little Ukulele
Play with your friend!
3 original tunes and animations to play, as solo or duo.
Including a non-scripted, 2 LI wall decor ukulele. 7 colors to choose from.

Mesh flowers for decorating your house, or to place on water surface.
Package contains 1-7 flower objects, 1LI ea.
Both of scripted/non-scripted types, leaves are included too.
3 color choices.

Swim Raft
3 seats, 6 animations + diving ball rezzer. Owner can use the float mode.
5LI + 1LI for a diving ball. It rezzes only one of 3 diving balls at at time,
unused ball will be deleted automatically.
4 colors to choose from, white, yellow, pink dots and aqua dots.
You can hop on the demo in Summerfest venue.

TP from here!

June 1, 2013

Arcade is now open!

Here comes another gacha spree, it's Arcade time!
BALACLAVA!! released these mythical, magic treasures for this round.

The most of items are for playing prank on your friends, and the rest are for acting weird and odd. All are in Mesh, scripted.
Lineups are…

click on the image to see in large size.

to check on what are they exactly, see in these set of images.

All items are now rezzed in front of my store, feel free to stop by.
And hey groupies, I just sent out new subscriber gift. In case you missed, please visit my store and slap on the group inviter, then check in the gift history.

Happy gacha-ing! and have a great weekend.

The Arcade website
The Arcade official shopping guide

The Arcade TP

May 6, 2013

Gamer's Delight Necklace

Hello y'all, I just released new stuff for Mens Dept.

Mesh. COPY/MOD. Scripted.
Gamer's Delight Necklace is bundled with 9 screen textures, each color contains 2 different length - long and short types and ladies' long type. Please try demo for checking those necklace length, available colors are black, red, yellow and aqua.

Mens Dept May round is now open!

April 6, 2013

Divers in City

Because the number of men's clothes are quite limited, and since mesh trousers don't have modifiable parts on ankles, sometimes it's really hard to choose which shoes to wear. Favorite boots may be popped out from jeans hem, new sneakers can make the trousers look little too short.

Had such issue several times, then it drove me to despair in a way. So... yeah, here's my new stuff. I created fins instead of searching shoes to wear, re-watched Happy Feet movie (I miss Steve Irwin by the way), and made a penguin-ish AO.

Each pack includes a snorkel, mask, a pair of fins, and a ZHAO-II based AO HUD. The snorkel has particle bubbles which can be turned on/off by clicking , and the mask has resizer option.
The AO contains original stand, walk, run, fly, ground sit animations for flippers.
Available in Green, Yellow, Pink, Blue and Black.

Now they are on Men's Dept April round at L$99.

March 2, 2013

Marchin' On!

So again, here comes The Arcade and gacha spree.
This time BALACLAVA!! presents you these marching band instruments collection. Yep, I did this because it's March.

Available instruments are 10 in total; Lead Snare Drum, Snare Drum, Tenor Multi Toms, Bass Drum, Cymbals, Lead Trumpet, Trumpet, Mellophone, Trombone, and Sousaphone.
I didn't set any as rare, since a band needs them all equally ("One Team, One Sound").

see better pic on flickr.

They are 100% Mesh-made, non-rigged attachments. Scripted to carry around (w/holding animation), to play music and to pose for a photo. With using "Band Play" option, you can actually form a band to play a tune with your friends.
They come in collector's box, with a miniature instrument inside.

Now I have them all rezzed in front of my store here, please feel free to drop by and check on them before you spin.

For groupies, I just sent out the shako hat (shown in first pic). If you missed the notice, please visit my store and slap on the group board. Previous gifts are under "history" menu. The one you are looking for is titled as "group gift 2013.03.01".

The Arcade is open until the end of March.
TP from HERE. And don't forget to check all goodies on their web, and flickr.
Good luck on your gacha-ing!