November 24, 2012

NOEL decor (with his waste bin)

News from BALACLAVA!!

is a set of Mesh wall decor and a waste bin. Both are 2LI as original size. Mod/Copy, comes with individual N, O, E and L letters (1LI x 4).  L$50 each.

Wood and Plaster colors are available. Check them in store!

November 9, 2012

Recycled Coffee Set for Collabor 88

I'm a coffee addict. There's always my favorite, big heavy mug cup on my desk, and I often go AFK to fill it with black coffee (no sugar thanks). Meanwhile, 75% of my friends in SL don't drink coffee. Some of them even hate the strong flavor and bitter finish.
Then, I wondered if it's possible to let them say "omg coffee<3"

(see better pic on flickr)

This table top decor contains Recycled Coffee Set, a Coffee Arch and a Little Shack.
The teacups-ride inspired set has an espresso pot and 6 demitasse cups with small plants. It's scripted, starts going round and round by a click. It plays a fancy sound (give another click!) and flicks those lights too.
Also the arch is scripted, flicks lights and the coffee sign. Their land impacts are ; Recycled Coffee Set (scripted/7LI), Coffee Arch (scripted/1LI), and Little Shack (1LI). Now I've got them rezzed in front of my store, you can feel free to stop by and check how they work.

Copy/Mod version and Mod/Trans for gift version, both are now available at Collabor88 November round. Hope you'll <3 this coffee I made.

November 6, 2012

Kip Glasses

Socially dull, awkward and nerdy guy... anyone?


Mens Dept November round has just been opened, and BALACLAVA!! released new mesh glasses.

Each package contains 4 styles x 2 sizes ; Plain Solid, Broken (and patched with tape) Solid, another Plain and Broken pairs in Combo colors. Available colors are… Black, Chili, Cocoa and Raisin.

Also there's a promo/demo version, "cream" is available at free (slap the top board of the vendor). You can try them on and check things before purchasing.

TP to Mens Dept!!