October 6, 2012

Creepy Twins - Ivan and Viktor

Introducing my new friends, Ivan and Viktor.

 They are mesh lighting decor, each one holds a glowing lantern.
All are set in copy/mod perm, so you can resize them as you like. The land impact will changed by resizing… e.g. 200cm tall-10LI, 180cm tall-8LI, 150cm-6LI. The smallest size is 14cm-2LI for each twin.

Package contains a "particle lighting add-on" object. If you want to have actual lighting effect, simply rez the object inside of the lantern. You can switch ON/OFF by clicking.

Buying choices are, Ivan-single, Viktor(the broken hat)-single, and Twins pack.
Singles contain plain shirt version of twin and a lighting add-on object. Twins pack has plain shirt version of twins, and also a pair of stripe shirted twins.

They'll be good doormen of your Halloween house.
Now on sale at Mens Dept. If you want to see them rezzed, visit my store.
Have a nice weekend!