September 20, 2012


It seems the wild crowd begun to subside, finally I could get in The Arcade Gacha Event. I spun gachas like a wind-up toy (click, move the mouse over, click, move the mouse over, click…), also managed to take a pic with Archie. The venue itself is really beautiful, would be a great photo spot.

By the way. If you haven't heard about the Arcade Photo Contest, check this out.
You can win early access to the next round of the Arcade (in December), AND L$2,500 store credit at Adorkable Poses.

Meanwhile, I have set a place for trading duplicates from The Arcade. Basically I opened this place for people who've hold many duplicates but not good at contacting trading post owners in English. It's really great if we can have fun on spinning gachas and help each other to complete our collections.

Feel free to stop by if you are looking for a specific item. Someone may have duplicates on sale. Also I'm providing LMs of other trading posts (click on the blue post shown in pic!). Visit a trading post in my backyard.

And here's one more to update. I released new subscriber gift as part of my "A Box of Boyhood" collection. It's a wind-up musical box in Mesh (4LI). By clicking, it slowly rotates and play a sound. Slap the subscriber board in my store and see in the "history" menu. Here's your limo.

That's all for now!

September 15, 2012

The Arcade

BALACLAVA!! is joining in a new gacha event called The Arcade which has just opened its door. It's well-planned/organized, gonna be a wicked event with full of fun.

They say the event will have themed items in the future, but this first round has no specific themes. Designers are presenting items full of variety, like clothing, fashion accessories, furniture, something new, something retro, clean, minimal designs and arty, decorative stuff.
There are too many goodies and I'm ready to be broke.

You can see ads in The Arcade SL flickr group here. or on their shoppers guide (impressed by their hard work..!!).
Your limo has just arrived too.

Aaaand here's my ad (better one is on flickr!)

"A Box of Boyhood" collection is something like we had in our good old days (I still love to have them around my desk though).