September 1, 2011

S.O.S. Hunt

It's been a while since I released something from my own store,
evenI had almost forgotten about the fact : I have a store!
I blame on Summer for this. I don't really like Summer because
it's too hot, too humid, and I get too much work and no holidays.
Summer takes all of my energy away.

But it's getting cooler day by day. Here comes September,
beginning of Autumn. Maybe my drive for releasing new items
will come back in soon (or later).
For now, let's say bye bye to Summer and welcome to Autumn.

Subtleties of Summer Hunt begins today (to the 1st Oct).
It's a grid-wide hunt to look for an ice cream shaped object,
and there are 20 stops to go.

The hunt gift from my store is a pack of Tees.

The package contains both 2 colors, Juanita (navy on pink)
and Joel (burgundy on gray).

The starting point of this hunt is HERE.
More info, gift previews are THERE. Hope you enjoy!