March 12, 2011


Thanks for your warm messages.
Yes I'm okay, stay home in Tokyo, checking if my family and
friends are okay by phone. It seems they are okay but
can't reach to my relatives in Northern part because of
their phone lines were badly damaged.
Well… I have very positive thoughts about them though,
even in Tokyo we've had many aftershocks since then.
(actually I felt another one while writing this) So I wanna
make sure of their safety.

Sorry that I cannot answer to each of your IMs, just it's hard
to stay online at this moment. Please give me some time,
I'll get back to you asap!

March 7, 2011

dakatsu T

including all layers. L$50 each.
lineups: ants, moth and spider.

DEMO T is available. feel free to try it on.

da-katsu means "detestable".
it's a 2-kanji word; one is snake, and another is scorpion.
I drew snake and scorpion too but they were killed.

March 3, 2011

black or white T

including all layers. L$50 each.

 PG … parental guidance
 BUDDHA… with shutter shade
 GAS… as you see
 DANCE… moon-walking ballerina

basic T

each pack includes

 - round neck Tee
 - scoop neck
 - V neck

with all layers.
BLACK or WHITE. L$120 each.

March 1, 2011

InnerWorld Magazine - Stuff#06 Gift for Issue 19

Time flies.
The 2nd anniversary Issue of InnerWorld Magazine was released,
that means… it's been a year since I created my first gift for them.
Wow, time really flies.

This issue19 features "Image", a big theme for all of us SL users.
We care about the spec of graphic cards to see the world more better
and faster, care about where is the best place to take snapshots.
Indeed Image is everything.
Personally I liked the interview with Kirstenlee Cinquetti, the creator of
Kirsten's Viewer, even though I've never used third party viewer.

Read InnerWorld Magazine Issue19 -Anniversary Issue
in English or in Portuguese

Also they launched the very 1st magazine in Avination too.
I'm glad they started my favorite article " Teleport --->" on this
pararell magazine too, it will be a good navigator for me
(and you) to wander around the fastest growing grid.

Read InnerWorld Magazine - AVN- Issue 1
in English or in Portuguese

So hey here's my gift for this issue.
I created 2 scarves for their 1st anniversary, and this time I again
present you these scarves. Well one of them is actually a
collar though. Scarf for Gents, the collar for Ladies.
(Gee I look great in the female avi!)

As you see, I chose "flowers" as a theme.
Simply it was because I wanted to send flowers to the team,
specially to Ananda (Editor in Chief) and There (Art Director).

At first I was taken by their unique and positive way to see this
virtual world. Then they surprised me with lots of talented work and
delightful personalities. And now, I respect them because of
their passion, hard work and the challenging spirit.
Happy 2nd Anniversary to you, Ananda and There!

Thus this gift is a share of cerebration and happiness.
Hope it will bring a smile to you :)

you'll find this new, and all of my previous gifts on the shelf
at InnerWorld Magazine HQ in SL.