February 27, 2011

New main store is now open.

Hi there. I'm very pleased to announce this,
BALACLAVA!! is now back on the SL grid.
I've got new place, new build and new items.

I meant to reopen my shop in the end of 2010 or at least
in the beginning of this year though. It took so long since
I was busy to do nothing.
Anyway the doors opened, now I regained my motive
and am working on other new items too.
Also my past products will be immigrated to XstreetSL in soon.

Hope you stopping by and find something that interests you.
Taxi to BALACLAVA!! new main store!

And here's one more announcement.
I'm opening my store in Avination grid too.
It's in the beautiful InnerWorld Magazine SIM, next to their HQ.
Currently I only have a couple of vendors there, because I'm
planning to have some different items with SL shop.
At this moment I'm wandering, doing some research in AVN
to find how can I bring some fun with my creation.
(By the way I need a pair of shoes for my avatar,
let me know if you know any good shoe maker in AVN.)

So from now on, I'll post information about items with
2 different price/currency as the need raised.
Have you created your account for AVN?
If not, visit www.avination.com