October 17, 2011

Subscriber Gift - 20111016

Gift has been sent out for update group members, it's a pair of
head accessories for coming Halloween.

If you missed to receive the pack, TP to BALACLAVA!! main store
and give a slap on the subscriber board. You can get the previous
updates in the "history" menu.

Update Group subscriber gift - 20111016

- Paperbagged. Rez, then click to open.
- Contains 2 of Halloween Headband, "trick" and "treat".
- These headbands are scripted, starts blinking by a click.
- To turn blinking off, give another click on it.
- copy, mod, NO TRANS.
**the picture above is showing different permissions, as is an artwork
for the vendor. Gift headbands are NO TRANS.

I've got a transferable (mod, trans, NO COPY) pair of these
headband for L$60. If you like to gift it to your friend, buy from the
vendor in store.

Hope you'll like them!


Devil's Headband GACHA

I've got my very first gacha machine. Yaaay.

GACHA : L$30 / PLAY.

Since this product has a no-mod script in the contents,
will be shown as NO MOD in your inventory but no worries.
They can be modified from edit menu.

horns start blinking by a click. To turn off, give another click.
you can see a demo in store.

10 colors pack. mod, copy / no trans.

September 28, 2011

Mariachi Costume

The package contains…

1) Sombrero
     - 3 different head shapes
     - with and without chord
     - wear on hear or back

2) Charro Suits
     - 2 jacket layers, with and without shirt
     - attachments for body and sleeves
     - shirt collar and tie
     - slacks pants layer
     - leg prim attachments

Price : L$150
Permission : COPY and MOD. NO TRANS.
Also available on market place.

A month ago, I got an great opportunity joining machinima
for the first time. The movie was directed, edited, produced by
talented Maii Ling, and I created this costume for playing one of
those wasted-drunk Mariachis.
I had a super fun at filming. Still I don' know anything about
making movies in world though…

Check out the movie on her Flickr stream
and my fake ad is here.

September 26, 2011


see the bigger image here, or in store.

5 different scenery in globes,
Halloween, Library, Emerald City, Port Town and Swan Lake.

snowglobes are 7 prim each.
and comes with original box, which is 2 prim.

snowglobe size : 296 x 296 x 278 mm approx.
box size :  359 x 359 x 300 mm approx.

price : L$50 each.

Copy ver. is "COPY, NO MOD, NO TRANS".
and there is TRANS/GIFT ver., as "NO COPY, NO MOD, TRANS".

September 23, 2011

Update Group

So… finally I made up my mind to create something new,
and released snow globes. It's been a while since the last time
I had gadgets in my store.

And at the same time, I created an update group.
To join in, TP to my store and click on the subscriber there.
Then you'll get this mini-sized special snow globe as a
welcome gift.

Hope you'll like them!

And at the same time, I created an update group.
To join in, TP to my store and click on the subscriber there.
Then you'll get this mini-sized special snow globe as a
welcome gift.

Hope you'll like them.

September 1, 2011

S.O.S. Hunt

It's been a while since I released something from my own store,
evenI had almost forgotten about the fact : I have a store!
I blame on Summer for this. I don't really like Summer because
it's too hot, too humid, and I get too much work and no holidays.
Summer takes all of my energy away.

But it's getting cooler day by day. Here comes September,
beginning of Autumn. Maybe my drive for releasing new items
will come back in soon (or later).
For now, let's say bye bye to Summer and welcome to Autumn.

Subtleties of Summer Hunt begins today (to the 1st Oct).
It's a grid-wide hunt to look for an ice cream shaped object,
and there are 20 stops to go.

The hunt gift from my store is a pack of Tees.

The package contains both 2 colors, Juanita (navy on pink)
and Joel (burgundy on gray).

The starting point of this hunt is HERE.
More info, gift previews are THERE. Hope you enjoy!

July 26, 2011

InnerWorld Magazine : Issue 21

New issue of InnerWorld Magazine has been out.
The special article for this issue is "Golden Economy", it's about
how has the SL economy affected on our fashion lately.
You would be able to read it with interest even if you were not
really good at maths, numbers and economics. (Believe me,
I'm hopeless at maths and economics but really liked this article.)

Many times I've heard complaints about too many freebies,
hunts, lucky boards, bargain sales and kind of stuff on all over the grid.
There're lots of people who want to do serious business in SL. And
to those who want business, too many freebies and bargains may
reduce the size of their business area, and sure it decreases the
numbers of customers.

So I'm not sure if we can just welcome the golden economy in SL
and those bargain prices. As a customer and also as a shop owner,
I've been thinking about what is "proper" price in this virtual world
for long.
I'm still thinking about it though. To me, doing business is not just
making money in both SL and RL. If there were a way to business for
providing fun, joy and happiness (as much as those freebies,
hunts and bargains can provide), that would be the best.

Another one of my favorites is SL stories. The both story and
images were perfectly done. Brilliant. It's just brilliant.

You can read InnerWorld Magazine issue 21 here
in English or in Portuguese.

Oh and by the way, their HQ has moved on the new location
and now open to public. My newest gift is available too,
and oldies will be there in soon.

Stuff #07, the gift for issue 21 are bathers.
Bikini for girls, swim shorts for dudes. Grab them at
new InnerWorld Magazine HQ!


June 25, 2011

V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N pt.2

The doors just opened, and here's your taxi to the
Project RandoMuseum.

Continued from the previous post.
These items are part of my collection for RandoMuseum.
All items are "mod, trans, no copy" and L$80 apiece.

Please check this blog about the event.

BALACLAVA!! for Project RandoMuseum
(items no.6 - no.10 in 10)

Pants layer with a pair of prim legs. Slim with a straight leg,
dark distressed. Low-rise. This is the first pair of Jeans
from my store. Not sure whether I can have Jeans in store
or not but I learnt that It's hard just to draw denim texture.

Simple, knee-length relaxed fit shorts in earthy colors.
Each package contains a pants layer, and prim parts for
both upper legs. I'm not sure what is relaxed-fit style though,
they are my favorite. Not too tight, not too loose. Just relaxing.

Including a pants layer and roll-up prims. Red one has
yellow, the blue one has green piping. I'm planning
to have variations of this shorts in store (if I could find
a motive left in somewhere).

V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N Packing List HUD

All of these V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N item package contains this HUD,
I created it just for having fun.

To use it, attach this HUD from your inventory.
It goes on the left down corner of your viewer window automatically,
allows you to click-check which item in the collection you've
already got. The store tag leads you to this blog, and the red button
TP you to BALACLAVA!! main store.

*It doesn't work while you were on a "NO-SCRIPT" sim.


June 24, 2011

V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N pt.1

My gosh, I didn't know the event opens on the 25th JPT.
I'm 16hours ahead of SLT, so the door will be opened on…
8:00 am, Friday 24th SLT.

Okay pulling myself together.. here's the collection I've got for
Project RandoMuseum.
I'll have one random vendor to sell these variety of Men's
summer clothes.  And that means you cannot chose which one
to buy. Instead, they are all transferable(mod, trans, no copy)
and L$80 apiece.

Please check this blog about the event or my previous post.

BALACLAVA!! for Project RandoMuseum
V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N (items no.1 - no.5 in 10)
*click to enlarge each images.

Including both Blue and Black, with prim sleeves.
I created these penguin artwork from my RL holiday photo
which was taken at an aquarium. I could enjoy to watch
penguins and their happy feet all day.

Here's another one of my favorite animals. Polar Bear!
This playful, curious white bear is officially my latest
animal crush. I like their cool serious face too.
Including a jacket layer, prim sleeves and a body prim.

Including a jacket layer, prim sleeves and a body prim.
This artwork is also created from my RL photo. I took it from
the 40th floor in a building located in the heart of Tokyo.
The tower in orange and white is kind of symbol of this city.

I simply respect all creators who draw floral patterns. I myself
was fed up with drawing after 3 types of blossoms have done.
Anyways, I like wearing big flower patterns in summer to
make believe that I'm in a tropical island.

Including 2 pairs of briefs (navy and black, underpants layer)
and a pair of swim shorts (pants layer with prim parts).
The shorts have prim parts on each upper legs, anchor and
ship wheel embroidery are on the left leg.

Continued on the following post…

June 21, 2011

Coming soon


I'm participating in an event called "RandoMuseum".
It is a shopping event, showcases Japanese creators and
their 37 stores through a collection of random vendors.

The event is well-planned, well-organized by the talented
couple from Picnic, and the beautiful museum-like venue
was built by the creator of NODe+.

Mark the date, doors will be opened in soon.

Project RandoMuseum : 25th June - 24th July

The venue and SLURL for Project RandoMuseum
will be announced on the opening day.

RandoMuseum poster B
RandoMuseum poster B by P i c n i c, on Flickr / all rights reserved.

I like this poster very much. The design and admirable
names encourage me A LOT.

But there is one mystery I have to solve later on, I've been
wondering why they chose the word "Readymade"
for the ad copy.

As you can see the lineup, there are some best creators
in SL, our favorite stores as well, and the most of their
items are created exclusively for this event.

It's gonna be a fresh, unique event much much more
than the impression the word gives us. So I think they
could have written the ad copy more like…hm,

Although, it's true that we are now Ready-to-Make some
goodies in SL. Our depression is slowly lifted after
100 days, and it's just perfect time for us to meet with
other Japanese creators and have some fun.

Join the flickr group to see the items and prizes you'll get.
Also you can check updates on their Blog.

June 15, 2011

InnerWorld Magazine : Issue 20

Have you read the latest issue of InnerWorld Magazine?

…Okay maybe I'm late to write about this as it's been released
almost 2 weeks ago.

The main article of this issue 20 is "Body Language".
AOs, poses, gestures, dance moves… such as animations (and
smart scripts) definitely makes our avatar lives rich and fun.

I've been creating static poses and short animations for
photo shoots since very early days of my life on grid.
However, I took more than a year and half to get interested
in installing AOs.

Why? Well, because I was worrying to be "rude" by moving arms
or head too much while people talking/chatting to me.
Not sure if every residents from my country think that way though,
it came from my nature.

It's interesting to see what kind of AOs and gestures do people have.
Those animations tells me a lot about the person, just like body
languages in RL.

The main article leads us interviews with some of best animation
creators in SL, and as usual, I liked reading stories and secrets
from creators' backroom.

If you haven't read it yet, check out InnerWorld Magazine Issue 20
Read In English, or in Portuguese.

By the way, there's no gift from me for this issue.
I'm really sorry about it, just couldn't find enough time to finish it.

It's been 3 months since the massive earthquake hit the northern
part of my country.
Soon after that, some of co-workers formed a charity party and
I've been spending most of my spare time for working with them.

Had a hectic time first but now I'm getting used to manage
everything. Also I'm slowly coming back to SL.

There were lots of charity events have been held in RL and also
in SL too. Like I've been working for the party which has their
base in US, I know many people hold out their helping hands
from overseas.

To show a token of my gratitude, I really wanted to provide
some fun with the new gift , though. Maybe on the next issue.


April 12, 2011

thomsonii pants

 1 pair of pants, 4 leg-style options.
MOD, COPY. L$120 each.

including 2 of pants layers (w/prim, and w/o prim), underpants layer,
prim attachments (loose roll-up, roll-up and straight leg) and
an add-on liner (socks).

black, charcoal, gray, beige, khaki,
midori, mustard, chili, candypink, sodablue.

DEMO (in special color : jellypurple) is available at L$0.

jimmy jacket

MOD, COPY. L$150 each.

including a jacket layer and prim attachments.
(body, collar-spine, collar-chest, 2 set of sleeves)

navy, red, black, brown, purple.

DEMO (in special color : green) is available at L$0.

April 8, 2011

oceans briefs

3 in 1 pack, L$100.
TRANS-GIFT version is also available.

 - Atrantic Blue
 - Surf Green
 - Triton Purple

captain mercury briefs

3 in 1 pack (HERO, NEON, SKY), L$100.
TRANS-GIFT version is also available.

 - HERO (red and blue)
 - NEON (gray and neon green)
 - SKY (sky-blue and yellow)

DEMO (in special color : FIRE) is on sale at L$0.

April 6, 2011


all layers. L$100 each.
prim attachments : body, sleeves and a shirt collar.

lineups :
brown, burgundy, charcoal, indigo,
beige, blue, gray,pink


all layers. L$100 each.
prim attachments : collar, sleeves and body
lineups : blue, cherry, indigo and turquoise.

March 12, 2011


Thanks for your warm messages.
Yes I'm okay, stay home in Tokyo, checking if my family and
friends are okay by phone. It seems they are okay but
can't reach to my relatives in Northern part because of
their phone lines were badly damaged.
Well… I have very positive thoughts about them though,
even in Tokyo we've had many aftershocks since then.
(actually I felt another one while writing this) So I wanna
make sure of their safety.

Sorry that I cannot answer to each of your IMs, just it's hard
to stay online at this moment. Please give me some time,
I'll get back to you asap!

March 7, 2011

dakatsu T

including all layers. L$50 each.
lineups: ants, moth and spider.

DEMO T is available. feel free to try it on.

da-katsu means "detestable".
it's a 2-kanji word; one is snake, and another is scorpion.
I drew snake and scorpion too but they were killed.

March 3, 2011

black or white T

including all layers. L$50 each.

 PG … parental guidance
 BUDDHA… with shutter shade
 GAS… as you see
 DANCE… moon-walking ballerina

basic T

each pack includes

 - round neck Tee
 - scoop neck
 - V neck

with all layers.
BLACK or WHITE. L$120 each.

March 1, 2011

InnerWorld Magazine - Stuff#06 Gift for Issue 19

Time flies.
The 2nd anniversary Issue of InnerWorld Magazine was released,
that means… it's been a year since I created my first gift for them.
Wow, time really flies.

This issue19 features "Image", a big theme for all of us SL users.
We care about the spec of graphic cards to see the world more better
and faster, care about where is the best place to take snapshots.
Indeed Image is everything.
Personally I liked the interview with Kirstenlee Cinquetti, the creator of
Kirsten's Viewer, even though I've never used third party viewer.

Read InnerWorld Magazine Issue19 -Anniversary Issue
in English or in Portuguese

Also they launched the very 1st magazine in Avination too.
I'm glad they started my favorite article " Teleport --->" on this
pararell magazine too, it will be a good navigator for me
(and you) to wander around the fastest growing grid.

Read InnerWorld Magazine - AVN- Issue 1
in English or in Portuguese

So hey here's my gift for this issue.
I created 2 scarves for their 1st anniversary, and this time I again
present you these scarves. Well one of them is actually a
collar though. Scarf for Gents, the collar for Ladies.
(Gee I look great in the female avi!)

As you see, I chose "flowers" as a theme.
Simply it was because I wanted to send flowers to the team,
specially to Ananda (Editor in Chief) and There (Art Director).

At first I was taken by their unique and positive way to see this
virtual world. Then they surprised me with lots of talented work and
delightful personalities. And now, I respect them because of
their passion, hard work and the challenging spirit.
Happy 2nd Anniversary to you, Ananda and There!

Thus this gift is a share of cerebration and happiness.
Hope it will bring a smile to you :)

you'll find this new, and all of my previous gifts on the shelf
at InnerWorld Magazine HQ in SL.

February 27, 2011

New main store is now open.

Hi there. I'm very pleased to announce this,
BALACLAVA!! is now back on the SL grid.
I've got new place, new build and new items.

I meant to reopen my shop in the end of 2010 or at least
in the beginning of this year though. It took so long since
I was busy to do nothing.
Anyway the doors opened, now I regained my motive
and am working on other new items too.
Also my past products will be immigrated to XstreetSL in soon.

Hope you stopping by and find something that interests you.
Taxi to BALACLAVA!! new main store!

And here's one more announcement.
I'm opening my store in Avination grid too.
It's in the beautiful InnerWorld Magazine SIM, next to their HQ.
Currently I only have a couple of vendors there, because I'm
planning to have some different items with SL shop.
At this moment I'm wandering, doing some research in AVN
to find how can I bring some fun with my creation.
(By the way I need a pair of shoes for my avatar,
let me know if you know any good shoe maker in AVN.)

So from now on, I'll post information about items with
2 different price/currency as the need raised.
Have you created your account for AVN?
If not, visit www.avination.com