October 8, 2010

InnerWorld Magazine - Stuff#04 Gift for Issue 17

InnerWorld Magazine #17 was released.
I'm very impressed by their special article again which is about
"Games Of Life : The seduction behind characters".
I think It's a very good theme to talk with friends or other residents.
Also I liked what they showed in fashion pages. I'm not really in
costume-play even on SL, so I saw they are novel and really cool.

Check the latest issue of InnerWorld Magazine in English, or Portuguese.

And of course I can't forget to write about the gift for this issue, though.
Well, here's my excuse. Then I had a trouble on my internet connection,
couldn't log into SL so I had to draw the ad page by my own hands.
I like working offline much much more than working on grid, but
it's kinda embarrassing to use it for an ad. Specially on the magazine
which full of brilliant artworks...

Stuff #04 Beaded Accessories. - for InnerWorld Magazine #17
A package contains...
- Wooden Necklace and Bracelet (size : S and L)
- Monotone Colored Necklace and Bracelet (size : S and L)
- Mixed Beads Necklace and Bracelet with a charm (size : S and L)

To get the gift, vist InnerWorld Magazine HQ!