February 23, 2010

Happy 1st Anniversary for Inner World Magazine

a month ago or so, i was introduced InnnerWorld Magazine
and instantly fell in love with their great work. this is the first
magazine which forced me to read all of columns and opinions
by unique choice of articles and wonderful artwork/photos.

InnerWorld Magazine released their very 1st issue in
January 2009 and now they reached the 1st anniversary.
to celebrate the very talented creators and readers,
i created these gift scarves.

InnerWorld Magazine 1st Anniversary Gift by BALACLAVA!!
- flower scarf / red
- vine scarf / black

both have 2 sizes for gents and ladies. MOD and COPY.
the gift box can be found only in InnerWorld Magazine HQ,
just click and buy at L$ 0. hope you like them.

at this HQ, you will be showcased their latest issue and
back numbers. i strongly recommend you to check their
latest anniversary issue, specially the article about
SL's past, present and future. it made me think a lot,
reminded me Dawin-ism.
it was just a wow, i've never imagined that i would think
about Dawin-ism and his theory on grid!

here's taxi to their HQ.

check the InnerWorld Magazine anniversary Issue!

February 6, 2010

Hot For Zombies presents My Bloody Valentine

looking for something red for St.Valentine's day?
how about bloody flesh... or you like braaaainz??

Hot for Zombies, the organizer group of "Zombiefest 2009" is once
again presenting a special event which is called "My Bloody
Valentine". this time they raise money for helping Haitians.

as same as they did at Zombiefest, 100% of all proceeds go to
International Red Cross. thus you can donate while you are having
fun at shopping, dancing and tipping DJs.
you also can meet the sexy zombie-strippers or adorable zombie
kissers there, then don't forget to give them a fat tip in any way.
remember, at this event in that world... they will literary bite you.

as a japanese, i do know well how horrible is that to get struck by
such huge earthquake (we've just had Great Hanshin earthquake's
15th memorial service in 5 days after that has happened in Haiti).
so i decided to participate in their event as a vendor again,
created some exclusive items.

livingdead Tee (copy/mod)
color : black, red
price : L$50 each
including : jacket, shirt, undershirt, underpants, pants layers
and creepy zombie eyes

OOZ Tee (copy/mod)
color : mono (the zombie who loved me) , sepia (you only die twice)
price : L$50 each
including : jacket, shirt, undershirt, underpants, pants layers
and creepy zombie eyes

livingdead pants (copy/mod)
color : charcoal, copper-rust
price : L$70 each
including : underpants, and pants layers

livingdead pants BLOODY ver. (copy/mod)
color : bloody charcoal, bloody copper-rust
price : L$70 each
including : underpants, and pants layers

*got 4 vendors to sell them. you can switch the product list by
touching (clicking) each vendors.
to buy, right click on it and select "Pay..."

here's taxi.
please bring some piece of love and put it into the donation box.
Happy Valentine's day to you all, let's have some fuuuuun!!! braaaainz!!!

Hot For Zombies presents My Bloody Valentine
Feb 5th - 12 th, 2010 at Nocturnum 227/230/32
Hot For Zombies blog

February 4, 2010

undiebox STRIPES

color :
01 red + yellow, 02 blue + green, 03 pink + purple
04 avocado + orange, 05 charcoal + navy
each box has 2 sets of underpants and pants layers.
ok for copy and mod. L$ 30 each.

released the 3rd undiebox in stripes!
sample brown is also available in store, feel free to try it on.

another version, undiebox STRIPES 00 is now you can get
from BoB Hunt (- Feb 14th, 2010) prize. check this previous post here.


color : bayou, bark, charcoal and forest
including jacket, shirt, underpants and pants layers
with a sleeve-modified shirt layer.
ok for copy and mod. L$50 each