December 16, 2009

Special Sale at The Black Market

as i wrote in the previous post, now The Black Market
has special advent calendar sale. BALACLAVA!! is going to
have 2 of exclusive items for sale and a holiday gift.


"my pajamas" and "my roomshoes" are both from my latest
releases, i made them each in exclusive color for this event.
until the 22nd, you can buy them at the holiday price.
Mr. Reindeer is a gift for everyone, this is a hand puppet
which moves when you type in chat.

all of them will be around the wagons in the Black Market
until the 22nd. enjoy and happy holidays!

December 12, 2009

liner jacket

color : gray, brown, blue and purple
including sculpted open collar, closed collar, a pair of sleeves,
2 sets of jacket, shirt layers (for 2 collars), and a pants layer.
ok for copy and mod. L$ 100 each.

for the Down The Chimney Hunt, i made this jacket in
holiday color. you can get it as a prize. detail's on here.

December 7, 2009

The Down The Chimney Hunt

here comes special holiday season and now our favorite
grid wide hunt is back!

skipping stones hunt presents
2009. 6th Dec noon (SLT) - 20th Dec

start from : Kunstkammer Architectural and Metaphysical Salvage
hunt blog / Flickr / participants list / twitter

what are you going to look for in this hunt is... a book.
probably it belongs to the saint, there are naughty and
nice kids' names like a list in this book.
this time you have up to 90 shops to visit, gifts include
men's and women's clothing, hair, accessories and jewelries,
poses, gadgets etc.

here's my prize for hunters.

(click for larger view)

this track jacket has 2 faces, one has closed collar as "nice"
(see on pic) and another has open collar as "naughty". both
collars and a pair of sleeves were made with sculpted prims.

i don't think it's gonna be difficult to find books but if you stuck,
in-world hunters group will help you. search skipping stones
hunters group and join in!
also you can check latest info on the twitter and the blog above.

happy hunting, happy holidays!!

December 2, 2009

ask me what am i waiting for

yes i'm very much looking forward to christmas.
in this month, BALACLAVA!! will participate in 2 events and
one of them has already started.

you always can buy exclusive items and their original products
at special price in The Black Market though, during this
CHRISTMAS CALENDAR, you'll also be able to buy their
christmas items at very special price.
it is like a weekly advent calendar. every week, different designers
in The Black Market set up special wagons and sell items for
under L$100.

the 1st week (- the 8th)
skream / Beetle Bones / Mudhoney / Sanu / Tarnished

the 2nd week (the 9th - the 15th)
shadethrone / duboo / doppelganger / periquita shoes
SMP / lagyo / this is a fawn / tyranny designs

the 3rd week (the 16th - the 22nd)
sugarcube / miseria / BALACLAVA!! / hoot / moddG
wot? / fishy strawberry / twosome

the 4th week (the 23rd - the 29th)
gigi couture / pink fuel / ragdolls / cut / BOOM / Ohmai
Etoile / Acid and Mala / MayoNaise

the sim is now covered with snow, waiting for your visit.
here's your limo!!

BALACLAVA!! will be there during the 16th to the 22nd.
i'm planning to have pajamas and roomshoes in exclusive
color which are both from latest my releases. also i'll have
a gadget gift. will post details about those items later on.

one more holiday event is coming up.
it's a hunt, presented by the skipping stones hunt for
this holiday season. it starts on the 6th and ends on the 20th.
i'll also post about the hunt in very soon.