September 19, 2009

handknit scarf

sculpty scarf. the knot comes on nape.
one end falls over your left shoulder, another end goes back.
color : raspberry+pink, green+blue, purple+gray, brown+yellow
ok for copy and mod. L$30 each.

color : forest, sea, earth / L$30 each, 3+1 pack / L$90.
these 3 and 3+1 pack which includes special color "gypsy" are
available only on Black Market branch.

till the end of October, i have a halloween gift scarf in main store.
also i put new caribbean color scarf in the gift box on Black Market,
instead of Smee! mini scarf i've had as an opening gift.

skull T

3/4 sleeve baseball tees.
color : orange, green
includes : jacket, shirt, undershirt, underpants, pants layers
ok for copy and mod. L$60 each.

color : pirate-blue, pirate-brown
these 2 are available only on Black Market branch.

September 17, 2009

new release in branches

well i had to write about this, a few days ago i closed BALAClab!? #002.
i wanna say thank you to all of guests who visited the place.
seems i'll get another 2 hunts to participate at the same time in the end
of this year, maybe around Christmas so the 3rd will be opened in
the end of this year or the beginning of the next year.
when i get new stuff and new build, send notice to AAA guests and
people who have sent info request during the #002 .
of course i'm gonna announce it through this blog too though.

so i restarted to create new stuff for having in my main store and
in branches. also i started to create some exclusives for partaking
a charity event.

but lately, it's getting cooler day by day. i'm veeeery sleepy and so that
i can't keep my concentration on my illustrator file and photoshop data.
veeeery sleepy.
today i had to pay my rent so put a few new items in A la mode branch,
and a couple of exclusive tees in Black Market branch while i
was there. however in mainstore, before having new stuff i had to do
usual stocktaking, so it'll take time to be filled with new stuff.
i hope i'll be finish it by the end of this month ...though.

on A La Mode branch. a few new stuff are here and there.

on Black Market branch. a couple of new exclusive tees are here.

September 4, 2009

BALAClab!? #002 product list

last night i sent invitations to all of requesters. hope you'll enjoy.
here are some product notes of what you'll get from the lab!? #002.

= BALAClab!? #002 products list =

Magic Margherita happy meal
- Magic Margherita Pizza Box / provide 2 types of slices
- Magic Margherita Drink Cup
- Magic Margherita gift shirt
to get slices of those seafood pizza, click on the box to open it, then
click on the pizza pie. it gives you 2 types of slices, the one to attach
on your mouth, and another to attach on a hand.

ima bigboi outfit
- bigboi shirt (blue) / shirt and underpants layers
- bigboi bowtie (red) with collar (blue) / combo attatches on spine
- bigboi vest (blue) / jacket layer
- bigboi shorts (yellow) / pants layer
- bigboi socks (white and red)
- bigboi glasses (black) / attachment on nose
- big papa readers glasses (black) / attaches on nose
instant geek outfit, includes shirt, vest, a pair of shorts, bow tie, socks
and 2 pair of glasses. underpants are drawn on the underpants layer
with shirt's lower part.

goodboi's bowtie (blue) / attaches on spine
goodboi friend's gift bag (blue) / attaches on left shoulder

the bigboi bowtie in another color. as the both are MOD/COPY, you
can swap this for bigboi outfit's. also you can attach it on anywhere
of your body parts, means ... girls can have it on their head like
accessory or on cloths.
the bow tie and bag in red color were provided as AAA gifts. not
available in the lab.

parrot T (no it's a crow in gray) / includes 4 layers
i have on sale parrot Tees in my main store, and this is another one
for exclusive. it's not a parrot T, i drew a crow's silhouette on this.

02T (navy) / includes 4 layers
someone from AAA guests gave me a funny message. he's got a
cheergirlT from the previous lab, very much liked and showed it to
his friend. then his friend said about the cheer girls as "they're just
strange old ladies". the guest told me even after that happened
he likes the cheergirlT and i almost dead in laugh.
this time i didn't draw old cheergirls but i promise for him, i will draw
another sexy girls on another Tee, provided only for AAA guests to
make his friend jealous!!

framed shot HUD (red)
the frame on the pic above is a HUD, you can take snapshot with this
frame. to use, please read the instruction note inside of the package.
i also provided another HUD which is used in this photo for AAA guests.

there are also some stop press!! stuff. not show in the pic.

Smee! mini scarf (white) / lab style
i have on-sale outfits called Smee! in Black Market branch, which
includes Tee, shorts and this scarf. i also have an opening gift there
which is a same mini scarf but in black.
this is an exclusive color for the lab.

starkey shirt (brown) / jacket layers with sculpty cuffs
also this one is from the Black Market branch, exclusive color for the lab.
this 3/4 sleeve shirt can be worn as a half sleeve shirt with sculpty
cuff attachment too.

mini tie (black)
a sculpty mini tie from new outfit for Black Market, which is currently i'm
working on.

the lab will be closed on 2009.09.14. this is a limited time offer.