August 31, 2009

BALAClab!? #002

good bye summer, hello autumn!
and here i'm opening the 2nd BALAClab!?

from September the 1st to the 4th, the lab is going to be opened
only for some AAA guests. they are who have requested to be on my
guest list during the time i had the 1st lab opened 2 months ago.

people who sent invitation request with 2 of secret codes from
the both of Skipping Stones Hunt and Starlust's Panty Raid can join in
after the pre-opening, from the 5th to 14th.

i'll send invitations to each of guests and requesters until then.
please let me know if you wouldn't get anything from me.
oh and i'm gonna take the request form away from my mainstore in
a couple of days so if you have got 2 secret codes but haven't send
it to me yet, please hurry. hurrrrry!
you just need to come over, fill the form, then drop it into the box.
the request form and the stuff are in the upper floor.

this time, and after this, people who have missed the opportunity
(like hunts or some other events) to get secret passwords for
visiting the lab basically will not be able to visit there.
even so, please DON'T pass the coordinates and SLURL of
the lab to anyone else. i will have the next lab in 3 months or so,
please wait for it and keep tune in.

August 28, 2009


includes : shirt w/sculpted cuff attachments, and a pair of trousers.
color : red sea (red shirt + brown trousers), black sea (dove shirt + black trousers)
ok for copy and mod. L$150 each.

available only on Black Market branch.


includes : 3/4 sleeve Tee and plaid shorts.
color : blue, brown, gray, green,
ok for copy and mod. L$100 each.

available only on Black Market branch.


includes : Tee, shorts w/sculpted rolled-up attachements and mini scarf.
color : red, blue
ok for copy and mod. L$150 each.

available only on Black Market branch.

field T

color : morning, sunset, evening
4 layers are included (jacket, shirt, undershirt and underpants)
ok for copy and mod. L$50 each.

available only on Black Market branch.

August 24, 2009

in Black Market

another cool shopping place opened today, which is called Black Market.
there are a big pirates' ship, a dock, a pier, shadows of ghosts,
signs of gypsies ...and many shops in stalls and tents.

what a wonderful surprise, this market help me to check all of those cool
labels at the same time. also they have exclusives, discounted items
and their stocks will be changed in every 2 or 3 weeks!
well since the most of them have only girls' stuff, i may not be able to
their good customer though. even so, i'm very excited to see their great
works and stuff. i love this place's atmosphere, very much.

BALACLAVA!! was also invited to this place ( it's a great honor to be
one of the crew!). i will enjoy creating new and exclusive line only
for this Black Market branch.
my stuff will be men's casual cloths as always, but i'm thinking of adding
some pirates/gypsy motifs and organic colors on them. to make them
look well matched with the themed market, i will sell some of my stuff
as outfits.
each outfit looks like Smee! or gentle Starkey in Captain Hook's ship
but you can wear them separately, easily mix up with your own
wardrobes for making daily and comfy looks.

please check out my stall there in Black Market, and don't forget to
grab a opening gift box in a small boat.

bon Voyage to THE BLACK MARKET !!

August 18, 2009


color : black, olive, violet, claret
3/4 length. pants and underpants layers are included.

also comes with 2 pairs of straight leg parts and rolled up attachments.
rolled up ones changes colors/patterns by owner touches.
ok for copy and mod. L$100 each.

join in skipping stones hunt (ends 2009.08.24)!!
i have a prize which includes this sandy pants in exclusive cork color.

traveller T

color : silver, gold, lilac, mist
4 layers are included (jacket, shirt, undershirt and underpants)
ok for copy and mod. L$50 each.

check out skipping stones hunt (ends 2009.08.24) prize from BALACLAVA!!
it has this traveller T in exclusive sage color!!

August 15, 2009

Starlust's 2nd Annual Panty Raid

though i've never called my underwear as panty, you may do.
this is my first Panty Raid to participate. it's a hunt, what you need
to do is hunting golden clams in Starlust sims (there are 10 sims).
this event will be held until the end of this month, and you can
start from anywhere in Starlust empire.

i have one clam which has already hid. my prizes are...

this "bum!" underwear and the scarf. (in this photo, i wore it on
backward because i'm a PG guy. never ever show my nipples in
public blog) the golden clams are little bit small to search,
like compare to the skipping stones so here is a hint.

my clam is on Bill, aka A la mode,
and in almost in my branch. almost.
he's mimicking something in gold-ish color.

actually i have demo undiebox in the branch. so get it with the clam.

well well, now i'm partaking in 2 hunts. Skipping Stones Hunt and
Panty Raid. as i wrote in the previous post, i'll invite hunters who could
get 2 of my prizes in those 2 hunts to my secret lab.

BALAClab!? is my secret branch, opens limited time, irregularly.
i started to do this 2 months ago to showcase my recant products
and test-working stuff. you can grab them for free, but the lab will be
opened only for invitation holders.
if you already finished the skipping stones hunt, visited to my mainstore
and unpacked all of the stuff you've got, you should have a 1/2 ticket
from BALACLAVA!! to get invited to the lab, you have to use it.

(1) join in Skipping Stones Hunt and Starlust's Panty Raid, find 2 of
prized from BALACLAVA!! in each hunt.
(2) see in those prizes, find 2 of 1/2 tickets to the lab.
wear them one by one.
(3) ticket tells you a secret code. you'll get 20 letters in total from
2 of 1/2 tickets.
(4) visit my mainstore on Thisbe, there is a request form in upstairs.

(5) get a form from the clipboard, type your name and secret code,
then drop it into the box there.
(6) wait for a while. if your secret codes are correct, i'll send you an
invitation. will start to send invitations around 09.05.
**please please please DO NOT pass the secret codes to other people.
it's a SECRET CODE!!

hope you'll enjoy those 2 hunts and extra gifts from my lab.

August 10, 2009

Skipping Stones Hunt

i've been invited to Skipping Stones Hunt which features the indie/bohemian/
vitage/arty part of Second Life. honestly I had to wonder where my stuff
categorized in, but the theme, "lazy days of late summer" convinced me of the
reason. yeah i'm kinda pro of being lazy.

Skipping Stones Hunt starts on the 10th of August, will ends on the 24th.
you can see some sneak peak posters and ads in hunt group pool on Flickr,
the whole store lineups is on skipping stones hunt blog.

this is a chain-style hunt, so you start from Kunstkammer Architechtural and
Meraphysical Salvage
, find their prize with the 2nd participator's LM,
teleport there, find their prize with 3rd participator's LM... continue to the
the end. there are 61 stores to visit.

my store is counted as no.28, here's my prize for this hunt.

traveller T / sage + sandypants / cork

the 3/4 length sandypants package includes 2 types of attachments.
a pair of them is for wearing as straight, simple cork color pants, and
another pair for wearing with rolled up style.

rolled-up attachments are scripted, change colors and patterns.
probably they are both easy to mix up with your own wardrobe. and if you
like to wear them in another color, check out on-sale version in my store.

also i'm partaking Starlust's annual Panty Raid which will be held during
the 14th to the 30th. i'll let you to know the details in the next post.
by the way, do you remember when i last participated 2 hunts in same time?
then, i had the secret lab opened. and yes the lab will be back with these
2 hunts. hope you'll enjoy. happy hunting!