June 30, 2009

New Branch on Bill

i've got new branch in Starlust A La Mode on Bill.

wanted to decorate this place nicely but i couldn't hit upon any good ideas.
so i just put some shelfs in "under construction/renovation" style.
i'll renovate it when i get some good plan for decor.

since i have the lab until the 2nd in July, won't do anything special for this
opening of new branch. however, both mainstore and Car Wash branch are
still partaking hunt events each, so i will have new releases only on this new
branch for a while.

Tee : MyFavoriteDemoT/white (demo)
Underpants + socks : undiesox/bull's eye -BLACK (demo)

new releases include another version of undie box (bull's eye) and a few
V neck tees. will introduce each of them in another posts later.

June 19, 2009

lab!? stock list - take 3

so i have 3 items left to finish introducing the lab. thank you for your visits,
and the warming messages. i'm going to close the lab on the 2nd of July
but would like to open another one in 3 months or so.
if you haven't got to this secret branch...

to get to this secret lab...
join in the both Make Him Ovet Hunt and Let Them Eat Cake Hunt on
Car Wash sims. find 2 prizes from BALACLAVA!!, read the notes inside,
then you'll have the way to BALAClab!?

oh and don't forget to change time of the day when you walk the sky corridor.
World menu > Environment Settings > Select either sunrise, sunset, or midnight.

(7) GADGET/hunt me, hunt me not.
includes 1 pose stand (2prim) + 2 poses. ok for copy.
this scripted posing stand moves your camera view to the set position automatically.
means regardless you stand on the hunter side or the game side, you can take
snapshots from the exactly same position. so it's easy for you, or you and your alt,
or you and your friend in different time zone to be photographed in a same picture.

[click to enlarge]
just cut one of them in a half, copy then paste on another.
please read the instruction note card inside of the package.

(8) hunter's sofa/yellow, navy
5 prim sofa x 2 color + 4 poses. ok for copy.
i made these for adding colors in the lab. the both has different sit poses scripted on
each seat, but both have same 2 poses on the right and left armrests. just click and
try those poses when you get to the lab.

(9) GADGET/iron cross posing stand + gymnastic uniform set
9 prims pose stand including 2 rings and a safety mat.
i know posing stand can be created as 1 prim. just wanted to add some fun on it.
please read the instruction note card inside of this package.

hope you'll like them.

June 15, 2009

lab!? stock list - take 2

here i introduce other items i've got in the lab.
please click and buy at L$ 0 on each, they aren't packed together.
also see the previous post (and the next post) to check out the whole stock list.

(3) BALAClab!? T / green
a jacket layer. ok for copy/mod.
i made 2 promo Tees and this is one of them. they were both made with
BALACLAVA!!'s latest T-shirt pattern but have no store logos.
i put ladys as icons instead.

(4) cheersT 09/black
a jacket layer. ok for copy/mod.
i drew this cheergirls almost 4 years ago, brought it into SL to make a Tee.
this time i re-painted again, made it into a wall decor and this Tee.

(5) GADGET/flashing steps
3 different script included, ok for copy.
it's a put-you-foot-on-to-flash" script. just make a floor, put this script under
the content tab to use. i made a corridor with this. it's just fan to walk on this,
with singing Billie Jean.

the rest goes to the next post.

to get to this secret lab...
join in the both Make Him Ovet Hunt and Let Them Eat Cake Hunt on
Car Wash sims. find 2 prizes from BALACLAVA!!, read the notes inside,
then you'll get the way to BALAClab!?

June 14, 2009


so i opened BALAClab!?
this is a limited time branch, and also it's my secret lab. see, even the lady
on the store logo has changed her cloth into the white lab lobe (and
she has been changed slightly into "mature" look).

this time i set this up to follow the both Make Him Over Hunt and Let Them
Eat Cake Hunt
. would like you to enjoy the both happy hunts first, and
get some extra fun from this lab. you can shop exclusive/pre-release products
without bringing your wallets. all stuff is provided at L$ 0.
please stop by when you have some space to wander around, i hope you'll be
able to find some fun here in this my secret branch!

to get to this secret lab...
join in the both Make Him Ovet Hunt and Let Them Eat Cake Hunt on
Car Wash sims. find 2 prizes from BALACLAVA!!, read the notes inside,
then you'll get the way to BALAClab!?

please make sure that...
i don't give you direct link or SLurl for getting to the lab, and i ask you not
to give SLurl to anyone. (it's okay to send TP to friends, but please don't
put the direct link to the lab on anywhere unspecified number of people
can see. like chat, or blogs.) enjoy the both hunts first.

however, i will be able to send you an invitation when the next time i open
this lab again. please leave your name into the mailbox in lab,
well... i have no idea when i can open this again though ;)

anyways here i introduce the stuff i've got.
there are 10 items in total, introduce 2 of them here. and will post about the
rest in soon.

(1) evergreen scarf / smokydot, goldendot
one of my new releases, evergreen scarf in different style.
sculpted. ok for copy/mod.
made them in my favorite colors, but didn't have in stores to sell. because i felt that
they may look bit different with my other products. but they will be match for your
wardrobe thanks to the multi color magic.

(2) undiebox - bull's eye / blue, orange
under pants + pants layers. copy/mod.
okay... "undiesox - lucky" might be too cute for you macho guys to wear, then i'm
gonna have these. still trying to find good combination of colors on this pattern,
so i'm not sure if i release these 2. they are both in my favorite colors though.

June 12, 2009

Let Then Eat Cake!

one of my favorite sims on grid, Car Wash turns 1 year old, and they're having
big birthday party and Cake Hunt. of course i partake in this party,
both as a hunter/wanderer and as a store renter. happy anniversary!!

2009 June 12th - June 30th SLT
location > Car Wash and Wash sims
see updates on > http://washes.wordpress.com/

what do you look for in this hunt is a piece of cake (see the poster above).
i think it must be easy to find, each cake box has a scripted, particle candle.
but it's still fun to hide...
this is the prize i've hid on somewhere.

Tee : Chocolate T / oriental
Shorts : rolled-up, straighten-up shorts set / straighten-up : black

they are exclusive outfit package for this event. i made them as twin pack with
the Make Him Over Hunt prize. if you join the both 2 hunts, you get 2 tees,
2 pair of shorts... and some extras.

i decided to open my secret lab in somewhere on grid, as a limited time branch.
and hunters who could find 2 BALACLAVA!! prizes through the both
Make Him Over Hunt and this Let Them Eat Cake Hunt will be invited to this lab.
here you can shop some stuff, but no need to bring your wallets.
to get to this secret branch, simply read the notecards in the both prizes.

i'll introduce each items in the lab later on.

June 11, 2009

rolled-up, straighten-up shorts set

color : khaki, green, brown, navy
each color set has a pair of rolled-up shorts, and a pair of straighten-up shorts.
both have sculpty/prim attachments (on upper legs).
ok for copy and mod. L$100 each.

these shorts in black color are exclusively included in prizes.
the rolled-up shorts is included in Make Him Over Hunt prize. and the
straighten-up shorts will be included in a prize for Let Them Eat Cake Hunt
on Car Wash and Wash sims.

Make Him Over Hunt

Let The Eat Cake Hunt

June 3, 2009

there are always lots of hunts going on in SL, but this is definitely the "must go" hunt.
boys and gentlemen, dudes and fellas... it's MAKE HIM OVER HUNT!

2009 June 01st - June 30th SLT
starting point > MADesigns Store
see details on > http://makehimover.blogspot.com

have to clean up the messy inventory before joining this hunt. because
they've got 150 participants! it will be a great opportunity to find new store/designers.
i'm just off to the hunt though, also am participating on this hunt as a designer.
here's a pic of the prize.

- chocolate T / bitter (a jacket layer)
- rolled-up, straighten-up shorts/ rolled-up : black

they are both exclusively provided in this hunt.

and while i was making these prizes, got an notice from Car Wash which is the sim
my branch shop on. they are also having a hunt in the mid of June, so i made
another prize package in similar (but different).
if you went these 2 hunts and found 2 prizes from my store, you would get 2 different
chocolate Tees and 2 pair of shorts in black. and may be some more...

hope you'll like them. enjoy!