May 31, 2009

evergreen scarf

color : green, purple, red
ok for mod and copy. L$30 each.

evergreen scarf / red + rolled-up, straighten-up shorts set / rolled-up : green

May 16, 2009


color : jade, gray, yellow, blue
includes a jaket, a shirt, undershirt and underpants layers.
ok for copy and mod. L$50 each.

Tee : dreamTs/jade
Jeans : WILD WIND BLACK from LikeA
Shoes : PornStar Hi-Tops from UBU

May 9, 2009

geelong shorts

color : turquoise, coral, amber, jade
ok for copy and mod. L$60 each.

6 pairs of shorts are included, pants layers only.
1 original, and 5 pair of shorts w/layering Tee hem.

Tee hem color : yellow, green, orange, pink, blue

May 8, 2009

GC* trainee sweatshirt

the GRID COWBOYS' new item.
GC* trainee sweatshirt (navy-cutoff)
geelong shorts (turquoise-yellow)

color : white, navy, gray, black
ok for copy and mod. L$ 60 each.

+ 1 long sleeve sweatshirt (jacket layer)
+ 1 shaping shirt (shirt layer)
- for making the sweatshirt look. wear with the long sleeve shirt.
+ 1 cut off sleeve shirt (jacket layer)
- wider neckline. sculpted prim sleeves attache on upper arms.
*if the both sculpty sleeves and body colors didn't match, click on the sleeves and open "edit" menu. there is a color picker under the "texture" tab, so pick faint gray (when the sleeve color look too blight) or pick white (when the sleeve look bit dark). also you can match the colors by modifying the body color.

undershirt : GC* border sleeve T (jade - shirt in 3/4 sleeve mod)
tee : GC* trainee sweatshirt (white - cut off sleeve)
shorts : hiccupshorts (gray)

May 4, 2009

meets The Jewnas Brothers T

to get this shirt, join in The Jewnas Brothers Group in world.